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zCart Seller Central App

This app is packed with features that help you manage and grow your shop wherever you are. It gives you the freedom to take care of business without being tied to a desk or an office. You can easily handle your shop quickly with the seller app.

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zCart Seller Central Flutter App
Connect With zCart

Launch the zCart site and connect with the seller app to facilitate the seller

Flutter Framework

Built with high-quality, cross-platform Flutter framework

Android and iOS

Release the app on both iOS and Android platforms

Clean Design

Delight your sellers with built-in beautiful modern and clean Design

App Key Features

A glance of key features that this provides to your sellers.


Authentication can enhance the security of the app, as it is more difficult for a hacker to gain access to a user's account

Catalog Management

Merchants can manage their product catalog. They can create Product groups, sub-groups and categories, and products from the app.

Seller Dashboard

Registered sellers can view a nice dashboard with an overview of the report that is presented by the graph

Add Inventory With Variants

App now offers a seamless and efficient way to add products with variants to the inventory. With just a few clicks, you can now present your products with their respective variants from anywhere with the app.

Stock Management

Sellers can quickly update their stock quantity and price. It’ll save time.

Manage Orders

Sellers can be able to manage orders through the seller central app just with a fingertip.

Shop Configuration

Sellers can manage shop settings directly using the seller app.


Sellers will receive notifications for the new orders.

Live Chat

The live chat feature is enabled to reply to customers directly from the app.

Save $100

Need More Help?

We are here to provide everything you need to configure and publish the app to the app store and google play store.

Help With Configuration

We'll do the rebranding and all other configurations you need to make the app personalized. Like changing the logo, splash screen, app name, title, etc. (This is a paid service.)

Help To Publish

We can help you with that also. After rebranding, we'll update the app to both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. (This is a paid service.)

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